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Alfred Robaut (Douai, 1830–Fontenay-sous-Bois, 1909)

In 1846, Alfred Robaut, son of the painter and lithographer Félix Robaut (1799-1880), joined his father’s print shop that specialized in the production of cards and regional views. He started publishing a large number of lithographs inspired, among others, from works by his father-in-law, Constant Dutilleux, and later by Eugène Delacroix. He also mastered the technique of facsimile printing and published seventy drawings by Delacroix (in several batches) belonging for the most part to his own collection, as well as a work that included twenty-nine letters written by Delacroix to Dutilleux.

Robaut moved to Paris in late 1871 and devoted most of his time working on the complete catalogue of Delacroix’s works, which-although it did not meet with the success he had hoped for when it was published in 1885-nevertheless remains to this day a key reference for any research on Delacroix. He was also one of the instigators for the major retrospective of Delacroix’s works organized at the École des Beaux-Arts in 1885; the profits from this exhibition were to be used to finance a monument to Delacroix in the Luxembourg gardens.

After 1890, Alfred Robaut somewhat neglected his studies of Delacroix to work on a catalogue of Corot’s works, which was published in four volumes in 1905.

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