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Hôtel de Ville in Paris

The architects Dominique de Cortone and Pierre Chambige constructed the initial Renaissance building of the Hôtel de Ville on François I’s orders.

In 1835, on the initiative of the prefect Rambuteau (1781-1860), two corner buildings, linked to the façade by a gallery, were added to the Renaissance building. The best-known artists of the time were asked to work on the decor of this major project. Delacroix received a commission to decorate the ceiling of the Salon de la Paix, while Ingres worked on the ceiling of the Salon de l’Empereur.

Unfortunately, the Hôtel de Ville, along with the Tuileries and the Cour de Comptes, were burned down by Parisians during the Commune in May 1871. It burned for eight days, as did the archives and all the artwork.

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