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The Fielding brothers

The four British-born Fielding brothers, sons of the portrait painter Nathan-Théodore (circa 1747-1814 or 1818), all knew Delacroix, who mentions them in his Journal of 16 May 1823. Théodore Fielding (1781-1851), the eldest, was a landscape painter, watercolorist and engraver.

He was also a theoretician and a drawing professor in an English military college. Copley Fielding (1787-1855) specialized in marine and landscape painting, winning a gold medal at the 1824 Paris Salon (the same year Constable exhibited Hay Cart). Thales Fielding (1793-1837) came to Paris in 1821 or the spring of 1822, and worked with his brother Newton for the publisher J.-F. d’Ostervald. Twice, he shared the same studio as Delacroix and taught him the technique of watercolor. Newton Fielding (1799-1856), the youngest of the brothers, divided his time between London and Paris, where he traveled for the first time in 1821 or early 1822.

He acquired a good reputation for his watercolors of animals and birds in landscapes (he illustrated de la Fountaine’s Fables) and was a drawing professor for Louis-Philippe’s family.

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