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Masters, Friends and Students

Delacroix opened a studio in 1841 to create a team of artists who could help him execute the large decorative projects he had been commissioned to paint since 1834. Gustave de Lassalle-Bordes, Louis de Planet and Pierre Andrieu worked with him a great deal. Other artists in Delacroix’s entourage held singular roles. These included Edme Saint-Marcel and Hippolyte Poterlet, and even more, Léon Riesener, the painter’s cousin, Thales Fielding, the english painter, and Paul Huet, his close friend.

Hippolyte Poterlet Tournament Near the Moat (...)
Edme Saint-Marcel Lionness Devouring an (...)
Gustave de Lassalle-Bordes Virgile Greeting (...)
Paul Huet Faust and Mephistopheles
Léon Riesener Portrait of Mme Louis-Auguste (...)
Baron Antoine-Jean Gros A Mameluke Chief on (...)
Portrait of Eugene Delacroix
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